Real Estate

Real Estate Legal Service in Denville, NJ

The sale or purchase of a home can be both stressful and frustrating. Our professional legal services eliminate those stress factors and provide an efficient and pleasant transaction. We take a professional and diplomatic approach to bringing the transaction to a successful close.

Our firm offers real estate legal service in Denville, NJ, and surrounding areas, that includes everything involved in both residential and commercial property transactions, from the contract and lease negotiations to closing services.

Representation for Buyers or Sellers

When representing a buyer, the firm will review the contract and make necessary modifications, negotiate home inspection issues, order the title search and survey, review closing documents, and work with the settlement agent to close the transaction.

When representing a seller, the firm, similarly, will negotiate the contract and home inspection issues, provide the buyer's attorney with all available information about the property being sold, resolve title issues that may arise, and prepare the closing documents.

Legal Liaison for Real Estate Transactions

There are many people involved in a successful real estate transaction, and, where appropriate, the firm will act as the legal liaison for real estate transactions between the realtor, the lender, the title insurance agent, and surveyor, to ensure and effectuate a timely closing.

If you are selling or buying residential real estate, the key factors to consider when presented with a realtor's form of real estate contract are primarily the following:

  • the purchase price
  • the mortgage amount
  • the closing date
  • what is included and excluded from the sale   

How do you start the process with our firm?

Once you have a fully executed contract, you or your real estate agent should present it to Attorney Valle for review. You can trust our firm to review the fine print of the contract and make further modifications to protect your interests when buying or selling real estate.

Real Estate Legal Service in Denville, NJ

Our background in title insurance has prepared us to assist clients in resolving property issues, such as encroachments and boundary line issues. If you such an issue, the firm can review your title insurance policy to see if you have a potential claim against your title insurer and, if so, to help you file that claim.

If you need help with a lease, we can review or create leases for residential and commercial property. The firm's practice also includes landlord/tenant matters for commercial properties.

Local Zoning Laws and Planning

Our general practice law firm represents clients before the zoning board of adjustments for variances and the planning board for minor subdivisions. We will prepare the application, comply with the statutory notice requirements, work with your architect and planner where necessary, and appear before the board on your behalf. If you are planning to construct a home addition, a deck, garage, or second story, we can help you do it according to your local zoning laws.