Legal Distribution Of Assets in Denville, NJ

Have you been thinking about preparing a will, but the decision as to how to distribute your assets seems too complicated? Taking the first step seems overwhelming, but the Law Office of Robyn Ann Valle will get you started. We take the time to sit down with you to discuss your assets and options.

With us, you’ll be able to prevent family disputes over your assets and protect your legacy while you are still able to make those decisions. You will have a voice about your estate and healthcare with a legal distribution of assets in Denville, NJ.

Rather than waiting until you are not able, take action today and legalize healthcare directives by putting your wishes in writing (with a "living will"). Contact Robyn Ann Valle for estate law.

Creation Of Wills

Our firm will draft a will in accordance with your plan, then go over it with you. We finalize any changes you'd like to make and arrange for the will to be signed in our office before two witnesses. 

Power of Attorney Assistance

Robyn Ann Valle will assist with assigning a power of attorney at no additional cost. Our goal is to make sure that your intentions, with respect to your estate and your health care, are carried out according to your specific instructions.

Contact the Law Office of Robyn Ann Valle if you would like to discuss the issues that are making you hesitant to move forward with having your will drafted. We will help you take that very important step and put your mind at ease.